King Solomon's Special Double Sided Angelic Rejuvenation Talisman

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Individually crafted in Solid Sterling Silver and supplied in a quality presentation box.

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This miraculous ancient talismanic pendant was originally designed in the age of miracles over 3000 years ago, by the biblical King Solomon with the aid of the Archangel Haniel. Its holy script is written in the celestial Angelic language of creation and calls on the Angels named on the talisman to befriend its owner and come to their aid by surrounding their life with the creative Angelic power of life, to help rejuvenate both their mind and physical body.

Angelic Blessings and Gifts associated with ownership of this holy King Solomon Rejuvenation talisman pendant.

King Solomon created this Mind and Body Rejuvenation talismanic pendant with the aid of the Archangel Haniel to help promote and preserve the overall good-health and well-being of its owner. As well as being one of the oldest and most effective Health and Well-being talismans on record, it also has the power to create an outward youthful appearance, by using the life giving Angelic energy of the Cosmos to revitalize its owner’s mind and body. Clients who have already benefited from its powerful healing and rejuvenating qualities, have reported that within a few months they actually started to look and feel visibly healthier, younger and physically rejuvenated. It is a historical fact that King Solomon had an unusually long and healthy life span. Today, scholars of Celestial Law put this down to Solomon’s possession of this highly effective cosmic re-charger of the human Mind, Soul, and Body.

This powerful life-force energising talismanic pendant receives its Angelic power to create a physical rejuvenation of its owners mind and body, by using the creative forces of Solomon’s Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter and Solomon’s Second Pentacle of Mars, displayed on the front and back of this talismanic pendant. Ownership of this talisman is known to help promote and preserve the overall good-health, well-being, and youthful physical appearance of its owner.

The life-enhancing King Solomon talismans offered on this website were originally designed for the benefit of all humanity by the biblical King Solomon with the aid of the Angel Haniel, and are today preserved in King Solomon's famous ancient manuscripts on the creation of holy Angelic talismans, known as the Clavicula Salomonis. Our Master Adept creates each talisman in full adherence to the celestial holy formulae and holy rituals originally disclosed to King Solomon by the Angel Haniel and outlined in the famous Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts. Original copies of the ancient Clavicula Salomonis manuscripts are at present in the possession of the British Museum, London.